Net Inclusion 2018 – Creating Intelligent Communities: Local Government Strategies in Action

  • When: April 17, 2018
  • Where: Cleveland Public Library – 2nd Floor, Room C
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The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) Institute in partnership with Ice Miller LLP will present on the efforts currently underway in Ohio to build Intelligent Communities and ultimately an Intelligent Ohio.

Community Strategies in Action – Dana McDaniel, Kyle Kridler, and Roberto Gallardo

What is an Intelligent Community and how does my city become one? This portion of the workshop, presented by the ICF Institute, will take a closer look at the Intelligent Community movement and three important indicators of community success:

  • Broadband
  • Knowledge Workforce
  • Digital Equality

Following the overview, attendees will have the opportunity to take a closer look at their own communities through facilitated small group discussions focusing on each of these three key indicators. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of best practices in each area and ideas of how they can lead change in their city.

Progress at the Statehouse – Lindsay Miller and Greg Dunn, Ice Miller
Ice Miller will provide an overview regarding recent actions in the Ohio General Assembly related to broadband, as well as local initiatives. This discussion will include an overview of Ohio Revised Code section 4939 and its impact on small cell regulation and local control in Ohio. This session will also address two bills (H.B. 281 and H.B. 378) that, if passed, would provide funding for broadband expansion throughout the state, as well as any new legislative initiatives that develop in the months leading up to the workshop.

ICF Institute Workshop

  • When: May 9, 2018
  • Where: Dublin Integrated Education Center | 6805 Bobcat Way
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Come join us in Dublin as we learn from communities throughout Ohio and continue to work toward an Intelligent Ohio.

ICF Global Summit 2018

  • When: June 4-6, 2018
  • Where: London
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What will you take away from the ICF Global Summit?

The annual ICF Summit is unlike any municipal, urban planning or economic development conference you attend. You will take away value that translates into direct benefit to the citizens, businesses and institutions you serve:

  • Economic development leads. Identify site location and investment opportunities, as well as “soft landing” targets for local business, at our economic development matchmaking session.
  • Ideas you can put to use. Meet officials from cities, counties and metro areas who face similar challenges and have created strategies and programs to deal with them. Many may have developed solutions that apply to your community. Peer mentoring starts at the Summit and continues long after through the relationships you forge.
  • Inspiration to act. Too often, efforts to build a better community wind up in an endless loop of meetings, analysis, workshops and more analysis. The inspiring examples you encounter at the Summit show you how to take the first essential steps on the journey.
  • International reach. McKinsey & Company estimates that 80% of the world’s trade will cross international borders by 2027. Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Solow has proven that 80% of economic growth comes from technology innovation. The Summit is your most direct route to international opportunity in the innovation economy.

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