What is the Global Institute for the Study of the Intelligent Community?

The Global Institute for the Study of the Intelligent Community was established in partnership with the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) to serve as a research institution to expand the world’s knowledge about the creation of Intelligent Communities. Through the Institute and our membership, we seek to expand understanding of successful community development and to equip local leaders with tools to build stronger communities.

The Institute is currently one of two such organizations licensed through ICF. Each Institute focuses on educating and assisting communities in becoming proficient in the Intelligent Community Indicators – broadband, knowledge workforce, innovation, digital equality, sustainability, and advocacy.


An Intelligent Ohio


We will realize our vision by creating a collaborative network of rural, suburban and urban communities focused on building prosperous economies, solving social challenges, and enriching local cultures.

Collectively, through leveraging the knowledge and success of the membership, the Institute will serve as facilitator, convener and subject matter expert to:

  • Expand Awareness
  • Provide Resources
  • Exchange Information & Ideas
  • Connect Communities & Organizations
  • Conduct Research
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