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To expand the base of awareness regarding issues central to the development of communities in the 21st Century “Broadband Economy” or digital age.

To develop a network of thought leaders to look at relevant aspects of the community for the purpose of enhancing economic and social development within communities through applied research, publishing and/or events and activities.

To establish the Institute as a regional hub where leaders, investors and other stakeholders will go to become familiar with the ICF process. The Institute will serve as a collaborative learning lab where interested parties may learn the principles of the Intelligent Community and its awards program and accelerate their transformation.

To connect the Institute to the ICF Foundation, an international group of 134 Intelligent Communities and their leadership. The leadership includes businesses, schools and civic institutions.

To connect the Institute to ICF’s other institutes around world.

To connect ICF to other institutes and organizations that will allow it to better understand the needs of communities.


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Welcome to Dublin, Ohio, USA

We invite you to participate in a dialogue regarding the formation of the Dublin, Ohio, USA Global Institute for the Study of the Intelligent Community. The City of Dublin is pleased to have the opportunity to be one of only two such institutes globally. The Institute is a partnership between the City of Dublin, Ohio and the Intelligent Community Forum.

During this exciting event, we will convene a dynamic group of thought leaders to discuss the formation of the institute and plan its future.

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